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The Double Thumb Gloriously weird. The whole thing has this brilliant energy to it that can shift on you at any moment. Highly recommended if you have a screw or two loose - which, come on, of course you do. Favorite track: Viagrong.
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Three strong vocal styles, various Elektron gadgetry (Machinedrum & Monomachine) mixed with traditional geetar, bass and drums makes for eclectic listening which is hard to classify. If Autechre, NIN and David Bowie had an orgy and gave birth to a bastard love child then it might come close to describing the unique sound of TGI. Uncomfortable, moving and politically aware lyrics means that they are not here just for show. They even rap. Having a multinational award winning video for their song "Another Day", which was also nominated for a Scottish New Talent Bafta in 2011, shows that this band have the unique talent to do something original in an age of copy-cats and trickery. Passing through genres like nobody else, these guys have 'something to say'. A unique experience born from the deepest chasms on the the planet, they are about to erupt all over you.

Amazon buyers have said -

"A debut album of startling originality and ambition: intricate yet hypnotic, dark but beautiful, this is music to listen to again and again."

"An astonishingly varied and moving array of styles, tunes and beats, haunting and evocative vocals."

"With great power comes great insanity."

"This band are going to be big."


released July 23, 2011

TGI are Julian McAllister, Keith Duncan and Robert Davidson.
Neil McDougall played drums on Oblivious & Between the lines.
Will Anderson played bass on Viagrong, Oblivlious, Faces and Feelgood.
Paul Reynolds played Mandolin and electric guitar on Between the lines, Feelgood and She Run.
Thanks to all of those dudes, if we ever make some money you'l know about it soon enough.



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The Great Insanity Edinburgh, UK

A band born from chaos, confusion and cornflakes. Let your ears be the judge, your heart be the critic and your nipples be delighted after a good tweaking! Lighting up all that is dirty about the world & casting a line or two to pull in what they like about it. You'll never quite place where the music comes from, heard only in the deepest chasms of the earth they are about to erupt all over you... ... more

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Track Name: Viagrong
What is it that you want when you want what you get what you get is a good thing yet no sweat but you better watch out cos it wants your soul yes it wants your all an it wont let go

Can you take a right when its left to the rest of the best to make your life a better mess than the mess that you left your self in no you cannot win cos we're in you

yes we control you own you all you small you call you anyday and night get a fright when we come a knocking at you door with a hamma time gonna have a funny time in the prison line

Can you get loose when we hold on the noose and squeeze and pull at whatever we choose and we choose what we do its you we choose like a lottery of fools who are used and abused at a whim.

Get on to the band wagon hate that sandwagon shoot that bang that gonna gonna hang that some one gonna hang for your fears that we made for you that we made for you my dears

Can you take a left when you think your right to fight the good fight every night on live you thrive on the death when you suck on the stench of success on the stress of others to win

What is it you want when you think that you want what your shown that you could own all this small this call this number for a good time and for a long time oh baby oh I meant maybe

Where is the will or the way free to be a slave with a say oh hail democracy or so they say here come the pigs with their batons and sprays sworn to laws of the sea that dont concern you or me

Mind is reeling time is fleeting pondering death the inevitable cant catch your last breath huh you cant run from the heat of the sun the proper plans are in place but we have to find better ones

What will you do when theyre targeting you dont resist just say yes to enlist on the murder payroll be the best pass the test or theyll never invest in the quick fix bag of tricks with interest

A lab rat on a wheel running in circles i cant relate let alone communicate what is left to prove when youre up on the roof screaming versions of truth down your neighbours chimneys

what you hold when you'v got what you want but you want more of what you' got but it owns you your fear controls you to let it go let it go for the good it will do you

burry down dig deep you'l keep it all to yourself it'l be your best friend shove it down gub it now you'l feel it sink into your guts until its stuck there right there

shamefull buyer keepin to the right lane find the right way hold on save yourself from the grave its a shame its all you can keep from this meaningless sharade for the games that you play naw

soothing feeling living lying in the same place for the same time everyday everyway from the needless faults that are drawn from within and they will be coming up again and again naw

you cant feel that familiar sting so ashamed but whos to blame for feeling this way

its alive, so alive to be the one everyone is waiting for your so special "your special" spazitular!

Dont you find it annoying, how you keep clawing and knawing at my brain im insane from the train of thought thats governing me cant you help with a pill I will swallow it all and then we'l see

wheres lies! theres lies! watch his eyes as he hides from the world says its all too much to watch you walking with a crutch and a hunch that says grunt and a slave to the wage that we never even wanted anyway

YOU WILL PAY YOU WILL PAY for the day that you die and your family too they will cry and give money for your fine display of death that we relish so much very much cos it keeps us rich

did you miss yow bitch nigga bitch gonna flip trip switch on yow ayse gonna blayst yow bling wigga whachu gone do nigga gonna pop a jigga nigga wigga fligga shut yow trap man im a clown

and down we go on the spiral deprival denial based on idols that are all around us god damn surround us practi cally hound us knawing our bones to the grave

an they crave and they crave your soul and condem you to a hole in the ground and pound your teeth with goverment meat and the discriminating stomp-ing of war and fake religious feats
Track Name: Oblivious
you cant forsee it cuz ur dying
there's nothing to learn here anymore
i cant believe your always cryin
we never said u'd fill ur hole

i'l always always be there for you*3

but you will always hold me back

you never know what you are saying
you cant come out with anymore
please try and think before speaking
unless you dont care anymore

i'm not bothered with your thinking
just dont damn me to your hell
i'm already there with you
or cant you tell

oblivion scares you like it scares me *2
but u hav to change ur thoughts
and stop being so oblivious

its time to learn, its time to change, its time to look forward to the future
its time to think, its time to move on from the things that you r used to
look about look around for something that'l suit ya
ah religion, oh religion is never the right answer

empty gods, soulless frauds drawing blood from your delusions
I'l judge Adon, your soul is sown to nothing more than an illusion
bowing down in reverence, egregious self-deception
I'l judge Your god, I'l judge Your god, I'l judge Your god and Your religion

change your thoughts, change your ways change the times of today-a-e-a-e*3

think for yourself

get over yourself
Track Name: Between the lines
read in between the lines of your pshycic eyes tell me what i want to hear
please dont be suprised when i show you mine i know your mine my dear
and if i'm calling you dont hesitate to show all your worth
its not a game we play its just another way to pass our time on earth


i'm so sik of the way of people telling me how lucky that i am
i tell you all right right its how you treat the world for all you see is earned
and if you screw me down i wont be around to catch you when you fall
and yet you look at me in jealousy when you should be looking at your self
look at what you'v done and how you treat some one

Track Name: Tgi
3rd 4th 5th hand preconceptions over actual experience
chineses toys for wealthy children, pinkies, and spared no expense
trully expendable you are going through the motions of your parents examples
gadgets and safe distractions and pig headed self satisfactions
repressed adolescents playing the games for their own gains, for their own sakes
and taking affirmation
learning from your friends mistakes
"dont rain on my parade X2
or i'll stamp onto your face
i'll stamp onto your head
im looking for any excuse to vent, just give me a push, give me a push
ive been drinking all night, all week uptight
im ready for sex or ready to fight

ticking clocks that hinder choices to the demise of our circumstance
ignorance and stifled voices, tridents guised as self defence
trully oblivious you are led by fear mongering and corporate corruption
demons still peddling paper and hope from votes and wealth and saviours
the spoilt generation chasing fame, eating themselves into their own graves
causing devestation
never learning from their past mistakes
"dont rain on my parade X2
or we'll cut of your supply
we will cut off your head
we're looking for any excuse to nuke, we're ready for war, just give us a push
we can wipe out all life, fight the good fight
we're ready for hell or the heavenly light
Track Name: Faces
Nothings gonna change your face now, nothings gonna change your ways!

your concerned, i can see it in your eyes and i dont care

i know u'v said, nothing in your life seems fair.

but you need, to wake up and smell your own shit

take a step back and realise your standing in it!

take a step back, take a step back and look at both sides from the centre x2

nothings gonna change your face now, nothings gonna change your ways x2

your concerned, i can see it in the pockets of your eyes

you fucked up, try to look back with suprise

i know you'v said, something is missing inside

but you know, its all just a state of mind

push them away, fight spit shout let your anger out

is this all you got, is this all you'v got? self destruction surrounds you on no

nothings gonna change your face now, nothings gonna change your ways x2
nothings gonna change your face now....
nothings gonna change your ways now no....
nothings gonna change your face now....
nothings gonna change your ways now no....
nothings gonna change your face now, nothings gonna change your ways x2
Track Name: Feelgood
well time will heal and time will tell
oh people keep telling me but there
aint no proof here
well i get you point, i get it all
but there is nothing here no
nothing at all
i want to bet, on what it will do
it will keep you focused on what
is not true
just move on now, i dont want to
i'l stick at everything just to
just to get at you (just to get at you)
sitting on the backstroke, sitting on your feelings, sitting in the comfy spot
just to make you feel good, just to make you feel good, just to make you feel
real good
sitting on the backstroke, sitting on your feelings, sitting in the comfy spot
just to make you feel good, just to make you feel good, just to make you feel
real good
you got it in a nutshell (yeah!), you got it right there
Tell us all your feelings, tell us what you think but nobody cares
its all ok(its ok), everythings fine(everythings fine) it will be alright it
will be allright it will be alright
sitting on the backstroke, sitting on your fellings, sitting in the comfy spot
just to make you feel good, just to make you feel good, just to make you feel
real good
sitting on the backstroke, sitting on your feelings, sitting in the comfy spot
just to make you feel good, just to make you feel good, just to make you feel
real good
well we're not gonna last sitting on our ass
but nothing holds a candle, no nothing gets close to you
you wont retreat yet you wont reveal
wont you humour us and tell us all what to do
intimidation warning you
to terrorise, discriminate and abuse
intoxication numbing you
of the pain and circumstance youre going through
sheer intuition cannot prove
what your feeling in your heart holds any truth
its just vibration compelling you
what to think and what to feel and what to do now

cheow (homage to speed demon)

does it make you feel good
its just vibration
Track Name: Another Day
hey look there goes yo yo man watch him rise and fall again as i try to make up my mind are these the best years of our lives and are they passing me by as i resign myself to fear
how will i know if i do not try i wake to face yet another day of living a lie i want to scream but they would shut me away im left pacing the floor just like a lion in a cage

a restless night of thoughts of fight or flight wrong or right all racing wrestling for the upper hand im still awake to see the sun rise i catch a glimpse this man hes glaring at me with an anger in his eyes
its clear and easy what i have to do the unknown is all that makes me think twice and noone is getting through im seeing red blood rushing to my head for now i know i cant escape this fate that ive made for myself

love is there but i chased it away im like a pent up preacher man with nothing more to say and as i climb to the top of the stairs and open the door i feel a cold wind through my hair im looking down i feel the sun on my neck im standing on the edge breathing in and out like a nervous wreck theres no more time to forgive and forget i close my eyes and tell myself to take another step just another step
Track Name: Resonance
i see the sun and its warming me to the feeling an idea of hope of possibility
oh could it be that we can redeem ourselves from the mistakes we made
oh please
and i'm losing my mind to this feeling
Track Name: She run
dont talk to me in melody of love u'v lost the right
put your rock and roll in a different hole as she sleeps alone tonight
they say bad crack but they'l pat your back
when all i think is how low can you sink
how can you boast when you'v betrayed the one you love the most

and there she stood with that look in her eyes
saying she could be mine if i could only live with that lie
and there she stood with that look in her eyes
saying she could be mine if i could only swallow that lie

there she stood with that look in her eye

and when u go to her to lie down by her side
she'l never know she'l never know that secret that you hide
its not as easy for me to look her in her eyes
and give such refuge to you
such refuge to your lies

and there she stood with that look in her eyes
saying she could be mine if i could only live with that lie
and there she stood with that look in her eyes
saying she could be mine if i could only swallow that lie

there she stood with that look in her eye

she run away
Track Name: Retreat
a couple of years, with my head in the sand
deflecting and riling from life's demands
and now I'm waiting for the door
for it to open under my feet.
my eyes are darkening, I'm losing my hair
I'm turning my back on the way i used to care
there are enemies i never knew i had
bureaucrats and agencies
all take their toll
willingly and blindly taking a turn
in the great scam to put me in my place
I'm stripped of passion, of worth and the right
to fend for myself
off the grid, out the race
stripped of resources and the best part of my day
and the right to die and opt out of their game
my eyes are darkening, I'm grinding my teeth
I'm looking ahead as I make my retreat